How to save money with an energy monitor

How to save money with an energy monitor

It is very easy to overlook the cost of just keeping our everday items plugged in! An energy monitor does all the hard work for you and acts as a constant reminder that using energy costs money. Here is a fabulous story from one of our customers.


A customers story:

When I first brought an enerygy monitor for my home, the first thing I did with my daughter Anne was to try and turn as many appliances on as possible to see how much energy we might use on a busy day. I wanted to find out and to show my daughter how much electricity a busy household actually uses.

Together we started to turn off each appliance in turn, one by one, noting the changes in our power consumption. Making use of Anne's subtraction skills we were able to discover the cost of each appliance, which we wrote down in our 'Electricity Usage' logbook.

This was a great way to educate Anne, and myself, and then the whole family on our energy use. Slowly we reduced the power down step by step until we were at just a few hundred watts.

Along the way we found that our microwave cost us (well, me) £80 a year just to tell us the time, and our entertainment centre (TV, playstation dvd, hifi) cost me over £100 a year on standby alone! That was a real eye opener just by itself.

After some time we had switched of all the appliances that we could find, but the power was still at over 100 watts. We wanted to get to zero and thought we should be, where this 100 watts was being used was a mystery. We set off again on our search and after another few minutes discovered there are some appliances we can not easily (or rather conveniently) turn off, these include burglar alarms, electric doorbells, central heating controls, cooker clock, a phone charger etc. Each one using very little but adding up.

So, we didn’t succeed in getting it to zero, the burglar and alarm and central heating being quite important things not to have switched off. We did get to less than 30W, which isn’t that bad.

Note: Please remember to turn your fridge and freezer BACK ON! I forgot to do this and lost a lot of food, as well as being in the dog house for several days.

Our energy monitor now lives in the living room, where we can keep an eye on it (or it can keep an eye on us).

Last thing at night or as we leave the house, we use it as a last check. It tells us that everything is OK. We have saved a small fortune and educated ourselves at the same time.

We used the Watson Classic Home Energy monitor, I highly recommend it!


We agree with this customer and would like to add that saving energy saves money, money that can be better spent elsewhere. Start saving money today with your own energy monitor from Energy Monitor World.

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