About Us

Why Energy Monitoring?
With both the desire to live more eco-friendly and the rapid rise in electricity costs in the last few years, we are endeavouring to keep an eye on our energy usage in the home more and more. We all strive to lower our bills, save money and reduce our carbon footprint. Consequently the need for Home Energy Monitors has grown significantly. Since the days of the Electrisave, more and more Energy Monitors have become available to give the customer great choice in their quest for energy saving products e.g. Owl, Efergy, Eco-Eye Mini, Eco-Eye Elite and other eco-friendly meters.

Why now?
Energy Monitor World, based in Nottinghamshire have had the idea to run an Energy Monitor business for some time but the market wasn't quite ready with very few suitable products that were worthy of retailing. However, that has all changed now with the rising costs of electricity bills, hence the rising popularity of the Electrisave energy monitor. Now seven years on we have a growing range of manufacturers to choose from including Eco-Eye, Efergy, OWL (Electrisave), Wattson to name a few.  With increased demand you can now obtain cheaper energy monitors to help create cheaper electricity bills! Energy Monitor World are hoping to encourage all members of the household to become involved and help in even the smallest of ways to monitor, analyse and save.

Our Aims and Goals
We aim to stock a wide range of quality, good value products that contribute to significant Energy Savings in the Home. 

Our goal for this website is to be simple yet effective at giving you, the customer, a comprehensive choice for your Home Energy Monitor needs. We have no plans to complicate the site with other  'gimmicks' that claim to save money.  We will only stock high quality products that include Energy Monitors, Plug-in Monitors and Solar Panel Monitors. These Energy saving goods will pay for themselves in a very short time.

Great Prices, Great Service
We believe in high quality but not high prices. Rest assured we will stay as competitive as we possibly can. We have already built a reputation for this and are successfully maintaining that reputation. We will also not sacrifice on customer service. We believe great products can come at great prices with a level of service to match!  Very few retailers manage this, however, again we have been successful in achieving this too!